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Dispensing with ball planting machine

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  The dispensing of ball planting machine is not for mechanical equipment dispensing, but for ball planting. The ball planting is a chip type product. After chip dispensing, it is transplanted to the dispensing position, which is equivalent to a fully automatic machine. It is equipped with a manipulator platform to meet the requirements of dispensing and product movement. The manual operation position deviation is quite large, which is not conducive to the manufacturer's production of high-precision products, Relative to the machine uniformity and repeatability of the effect is relatively high, in line with the overall needs of production.
  The automatic dispensing and mounting machine produced by our company is actually the dispensing equipment of the ball planting machine. After dispensing, the chip position is reserved on the circuit board, and the chip is also dispensing around the chip to package the chip for chip protection and fixation. The glue also has thermal conductive glue to prevent chip overheating and reduce work efficiency. The name of the machine has changed, but the mechanical type is the same. The dispensing equipment of the automatic dispensing and mounting machine and the ball planting machine are also of the same type, and there may be some differences in details or specifications.
  In fact, the dispensing machine is also a type of dispensing equipment for ball planting machine. It is mainly used in chip dispensing. Our company has great research on chip dispensing and installation technology. To solve the glue coating requirements for chips, small chips are very important for installation requirements. The alignment needs to be well clamped to avoid program confusion, which is not required for the machine Often strict, our company produces the dispensing core machine, is equipped with CCD vision camera module, uses it to replace the artificial eye, achieves the better core technology.
  Whether the dispensing of ball planting machine meets the requirements of your company, you can send samples and samples for dispensing test. Our company has a special proofing department, which can proofing the products on the same day, so that customers can see whether they can meet the needs. Welcome to our company, telephone hotline: 13662812001