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The double liquid AB back suction dispensing valve has one more back suction function on the common glue valve, which can solve the problem of glue drawing and glue leakage. The static AB back suction dispensing valve can use 1:1 and 2:1 glue viscosit...

Dongguan Zhongzhi automation equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in dispensing machine, screw machine and dispensing accessories. Dispensing accessories include stainless steel pressure barrel, carbon steel pressure barrel, dispensing valve.

The trumpet double liquid dispensing valve is mainly matched with the automatic dispensing machine. Correctly speaking, on the automatic dispensing machine, the two-component glue can not be mixed in advance, otherwise it will cause the glue to solidify i.

When the automatic dispensing machine is used in the PLC control system, it needs to be matched with the PLC controller to control the dispensing equipment movement. Why the silver glue spraying machine can automatically dispensing has a great relationshi.

AB dispenser is mainly used for filling two-component glue. The matching pressure tank can be used for long-term dispensing production. The volume of filling pressure tank is relatively large, which can store a large amount of glue. The application of sen.

The dispensing valve, dispensing needle, pressure barrel and plastic dispensing needle barrel are the consumables most used in dispensing industry. Especially dispensing needle barrel and dispensing needle barrel need to be replaced once a day. The second.

With the rapid development of dispensing industry, a variety of dispensing machines are increasing, so the corresponding syringes are also matched with the types of dispensing machines. There are so many kinds of dispensing syringes on the market. How can.

There are many types of dispensing valves. According to the gradient of glue viscosity, there are not many types. Because of the difference between the industrial requirements and glue types, the types of dispensing valves are decided. In order to meet th.

Silica gel dispensing valve, as a valve specially used for silica gel coating, can cooperate with various types of coating equipment to achieve dispensing task. Whether small-scale or large-scale coating equipment, it can install silica gel dispensing val.

Hot melt adhesives need to be heated before dispensing. Everyone who knows a little about glue knows that hot melt adhesives are produced as solids, and can not dispensing without heating. In order to meet this requirement, a temperature heating device is.