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As a medium-sized glue, red glue also has a certain popularity in the dispensing industry. The characteristics of glue determine the application and effect of the industry. Of course, there are also prices. The type of red glue is different. It depends on.

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Introduction: desktop vision dispenser is a small high-end dispensing equipment, which is made of a large machine, and is made of a high-precision dispensing equipment. It can carry out visual positioning and precise dispensing. It adopts a computer syste.

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Visual jet dispensing machine is a newly developed machine of our companys Chinese manufacturers. It has also stepped into the ranks of high-precision dispensing equipment manufacturers. Generally, visual machines are used in dispensing of high-precision .

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The types of dispensing equipment include many machines, such as landing machine, gantry type, visual type and jet type. Our company produces all kinds of machines. At present, many products can be produced by our companys machines. Now it has been involv.

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Adult product dispenser is also our main two-component automatic dispenser, which has good production effect for adult product dispenser, dispensing and gluing. Especially in the use of two-component silica gel, it has a good technical improvement, more i.

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There are differences between two-component and single-component silica gel filling. Single component does not need too complicated operation requirements. We recommend two types of filling machines that can meet the requirements of single-component s...

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specially. The packing type supports the same glass glue, but the glue quantity is relatively large. Generally, there is no way to produce the full-automatic dispenser. If it is forced to produce, it needs to squeeze the glue onto other pressure barrels, .

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Product introduction: the long-distance two-component floor type glue filling machine is a floor type glue filling equipment, which has the functions of double liquid glue mixing and vacuum glue filling. It can complete the automatic product production in.

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Functions of automatic glue filling machine: double liquid glue automatic mixing, automatic glue discharging, material shortage alarm, liquid level detection, automatic cleaning, vacuum defoaming, product detection, machine positioning, automatic producti.

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Polyurethane is a kind of double liquid glue, which belongs to the glue with high mixing ratio and meets the mixing requirement of 5:1. The use of general full-automatic glue filling machine can not meet the requirements of polyurethane glue filling at al.