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Headphone dispensing with 4331 automatic dispensing machine

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  Headphone glue dispensing is 4331 automatic glue dispensing machine made by our company for Mr. Yang of Dongguan Hengtang headphone manufacturer. It mainly spreads glue on two ear shells, that is, our ear shells and soft surroundings. A circle of glue is applied to the ear shells and cushions. By using glue coating method, the result is faster than that of manual knitting in the past, and the sealing is good. The main effect is sound isolation.
  Headphone glue dispensing is divided into two parts, in the ear shell and cushion position, the glue coating has a sealing effect. Silicone gel is recommended for use. After solidification, it has elastic and sound insulation effect. The application range of glue dispensing is very wide, and headphone speakers are also glued with automatic glue dispensing machine, such as voice coil, which can glue voice coil and sound film to avoid vibration.Otherwise, it will lead to poor sound quality or noise, the effect is completely different.
  There is an arc plastic processing part on the ear shell of headphones. In order to install it conveniently, corrosive solution will be dotted on the ear shell, the plastic parts inside will be dissolved, and the smoothness of installation will be greatly improved. The factory used to install one manually and do manual glue dispensing once, which is not very convenient and the efficiency will be greatly reduced. Just like General Yang staff, we are familiar with.After the introduction, our company has seen the proofing results, and the speed and effect are satisfactory, then we chose to buy.
  4331 automatic dispensing machine is a standard machine platform, using standard structure, with curing utensils and dispensing devices, product dispensing, structural design and styling can be completed, from a variety of structures, people still like this type, so use these machines with dispensing devices and curing utensils for product dispensing, three-dimensional structure, all graphics on the plane can be drawn.For stereo side glue, a non-standard machine is required.