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Manufacturer of Epoxy Resin Seam Grouting Machine

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  Resin glue filling machine is a glue filling machine, different from what you think of as glue filling equipment. Without X, Y, Z axes, it uses a fixing device to fix the double liquid dispensing valve, which can be used for glue mixing, and then for product glue filling. There is quite a lot to prepare for epoxy resin use. Defoaming pumps and gear pumps need to be prepared, because the industry in which the resin glue filling machine can be used is also non-Often!

  Application Industry

  Hardware mold filling, mobile phone quick filling, adapter filling, power supply filling

  Characteristic of filling machine

  1. The two-component glue mixing effect is excellent. It can completely mix the two-component gum with three layers.
  2. There are many application industries, so long as certain modifications are made, they can meet the needs of production.
  3. Continuous glue filling is possible. The amount of glue stored is very high, approximately 10 liters of glue can be stored (customizable)
  4. Glue filling has high accuracy, can meet the core requirements of production, and can be quantified to 1 g.
  Resin glue filling machine is a mature machine, which can meet the production needs. It has been used by factories for ten years. The problems after sale are just some minor problems. The production effect that can be solved is very big. The stability of glue filling and glue flow rate can be completely solved. Our company can produce all kinds of automatic glue filling machines, while resin glue fillingMachine is one of them.
  Hardware mould glue filling needs a large amount of glue. For continuous glue discharge and glue control, it is necessary to be stable in order to achieve glue filling. There is no way to use general glue filler to glue with epoxy resin, because the requirements are there, if not met, seamless glue filling will be carried out. Fast filling glue for flow control is higher, overflow is certainly not possible. Every machine will haveManufactured according to product requirements, so we need to know the effect of automatic glue filler to achieve glue filling oh!