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Hardware mould glue

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  Hardware includes a lot of products. It can be said as a general term that some hardware products need to be glued. Our company has developed equipment that meets the requirements of hardware glue and can be glued. At present, some hardware ornaments are also sprayed. Some hardware ornaments will be used. Visual spray technology is very convenient and there is a demand for glued hardware moulds. Welcome to contact us!
  Our company manufactures machines according to actual production requirements. The glue filling equipment is basically non-standard type. The structure size, glue filling method, glue flow rate, glue dispensing head configuration and storage method are all pending. For example: the manufacturer needs a hardware spray paint. Our company will customize a suitable glue filler according to glue and production requirements given by the manufacturer. How to produce it will be said before.Will be produced, this will not appear unable to complete the work requirements, the effect will be more obvious, hardware mold glue recommended to use custom glue machine.
  Resin glue filling machine is a machine developed and produced by our company for glue filling of five gold moulds. It can be refitted on the original basis, but when drawing, the size is lengthened and the mechanical axis is increased. Our company has special engineering section specially making non-standard machines. In order to achieve glue filling of hardware moulds, a lot of effort has been put into it. Our company has a research and development department specially for Longgang, Shenzhen.Our company provides non-standard customization services, receives non-standard orders, the Shenzhen part is developed, the Dongguan part is responsible for production, Shenzhen has relatively many technicians, and Dongguan has a low rent.
  There are many machines to choose for ironing hardware products, such as standard 331 dispenser, floor dispenser and visual jet dispenser. Each type of ironing machine has suitable position. Of course, the price will be different. The higher the difficulty, the more expensive the price is. In ironing hardware moulds, it is necessary to know what the requirements are so as to match the suitable machine. Although the same type of ironing is used, the effect is poor.It is very large, hardware is the general name of the industry, application or need to see the details.
  Resin glue filling machine has a good glue filling capacity, the glue output can be 0-15g (adjustable), the glue ratio can be controlled at 3:1, to achieve 10:1 or less, you need to replace the glue filling device, automatic cleaning, three-dimensional glue filling, etc. The program uses our own developed system, the effect is stable, in the face of high-precision products, it can still achieve glue filling application in all aspects, our company's totalCan be achieved, this has a lot to do with the type of glue.