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Recommendation of a plastic drop syringe commonly used in di

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The dispensing valve, dispensing needle, pressure barrel and plastic dispensing needle barrel are the consumables most used in dispensing industry. Especially dispensing needle barrel and dispensing needle barrel need to be replaced once a day. The second glue will solidify basically. Wasting a lot of time for cleaning is not cost-effective. It is more convenient to use the second dispensing needle barrel and dispensing needle barrel. The price of dispensing needle and plastic dropping syringe is very cheap, so it is a consumable in dispensing industry.
Specification of plastic dispensing needle barrel
塑料滴胶针筒 It is recommended that you use a plastic drop syringe, which is made of PP material. The piston is made of PE material. The inner wall is smooth. It has no resistance to the flow of glue. It can increase the amount of glue. It can be used for many kinds of glue. The scope of application is very wide. There are many specifications and models, such as 10cc, 30cc, 55cc, 100cc, 200cc, 300cc and 500cc, respectively. And so on, according to the amount of glue used, we can choose the specifications of plastic dropping syringes, all the costs are low.
Application of plastic dispensing needle barrel
500cc点胶针筒 Plastic dropping syringes are widely used, ranging from manual dispensing machine to visual dispensing machine. Besides 502 glue can not use plastic dropping syringes, other types of glue can basically be used. Hot melt glue storage can use high temperature resistant plastic dropping syringes, so the price of plastic dropping syringes is very low. If you want to wholesale, the price can be controlled at a few cents.
The dispensing needle
点胶针筒 Visual dispenser usually uses 300cc plastic dropping syringe with precise dispensing valve. Some glue solidification time is faster. Pressure barrel is used for storage, but before it is used up, it will solidify, so it is impossible to dispense glue. This is a waste of glue, so using plastic dropping syringe can dispense glue at one stroke and two at one stroke. It also prevents the gel from setting.