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Wholesale of conventional standard plastic steel dispensing

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   Dongguan Zhongzhi automation equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in dispensing machine, screw machine and dispensing accessories. Dispensing accessories include stainless steel pressure barrel, carbon steel pressure barrel, dispensing valve, dispensing needle barrel and plastic steel dispensing needle, etc. the manufacturer's direct selling price is low, and the wholesale price of a large number of plastic steel dispensing needle heads is less than 0.08 yuan / piece, with large quantity and low price.
Syringe needle

   Actual drawing of plastic steel dispensing needle

Syringe needle
   Plastic steel dispensing needles can be equipped with many products for dispensing, such as conductive glue dispensing, silica gel, red glue, epoxy resin glue, crystal glue and latex, etc., which are widely used. As a manufacturer, we produce a large number of plastic steel needles. In order to meet the market demand and meet our own needs, many customers buy machines in us, and sell plastic at a low price Steel dispensing needles and some dispensing accessories make the cost of manufacturers lower.
   The table top type three-axis dispensing machine needs to be equipped with a relatively high-precision dispensing needle. The model of plastic steel needle is 14-32g, and the inner diameter is from 1.39mm to 0.06mm. The dispensing accuracy is generally controlled by the dispensing needle. Therefore, whether the dispensing needle can meet the production needs depends on the inner diameter of the needle. The quality of plastic steel dispensing needle is very important. It has been made in Dongguan for many years Experience in producing dispensing needles, accuracy of each needle is accurate.