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Where does double-sided dispensing machine sell

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  Dispensing equipment must be purchased from the machine manufacturer. Your company has a factory specialized in manufacturing dispensing and filling automation equipment at No. 1, LiuJie, 128 Industrial Zone, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City. A large number of machines and equipment can be sold. Similar machines can be used for double-sided dispensing, but they need to be customized. Because you do not know the size and glue type of your double-sided dispensing products, the machine is not the standard Quasi specification machine, so it needs to be customized. The manufacturing time is about 15 days, from the confirmed product to the finished machine.

  Production steps of automatic dispenser

  Determine product type and specification → design machine drawings → determine specifications and parameters → process parts → assemble → test → get out of the machine. The whole process is relatively cumbersome, which will not be explained in detail. The design drawings and parts processing take a long time, and the processing speed of 15 days is still quite fast!
  Double sided dispensing technology needs to be completed with a manipulator or a motor. Simple products can be completed with a motor. By using its motor rotatability, the product can be rotated back and forth, and then the motor is carried out. The structure design is simple and the operation is easy. It can be controlled by the three-axis system of the machine, and can only be produced alone. The manipulator can be used to achieve high precision, automatic displacement and reduce artificial plastics The effect is really good. At present, it is the automatic production line that large manufacturers will use. Our company is also doing it! Two methods can be used for double-sided dispensing.
  The automatic dispensing and mounting machine can only use the manipulator. After dispensing the product, the manipulator is immediately used for mounting. The whole series of production is all mechanical production, and it is also built into an assembly line, which is very good in China. The effect is also based on the core requirements of the manufacturer. The effect can have better production speed, stable production speed, qualified production quality, and some precision In terms of products, the effect is very important. For example, this is the case with the dispensing machine. After dispensing on the base of the circuit board, the robot hands on the chip, and then carries out surface dispensing. This is also our double-sided dispensing technology.