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Manipulator dispensing core machine

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  Dispensing core machine is a kind of machine which can carry out dispensing and automatic chip loading. Our company has produced this kind of machine. In addition to the configuration of three axis machine platform, there is also a manipulator auxiliary production. If you want to realize the full automation production line, the application of manipulator is essential. The manipulator will take the parts instead of manual work, and then place it in the appropriate position for other mechanical equipment Dispensing or installation, this is the use of manipulator advantages, and our production of dispensing core machine also has such a function.

  Working principle of dispensing core machine

  The whole dispensing process is quite complicated, and it needs several steps to complete chip dispensing. Solder paste is applied on the circuit board to solder the circuit board to ensure that the current and signal can be input at the junction. Then the manipulator is used to place the chip, and then the bottom filling glue is applied around the chip to wrap all the chip pins, and then the chip is coated on the chip Thermal conductive adhesive.
  There are a lot of procedures in the whole process. The whole assembly line of chip gluing and installation requires high requirements. It takes a long time to manufacture a machine. It takes about two months to determine the product and order. If it is a single machine, it takes about one month to build a dispensing and core filling machine with visual system. The chip uses double-sided dispensing technology Technology, from the control effect, certainly need to meet the core industry needs.
  The automatic dispensing and mounting machine is also a non-standard machine manufactured by our company. It can carry out dispensing and mounting effect. Some products need to cover after dispensing to ensure the rapidity and standardization. The mounting mode can choose vibrating plate or manipulator, both of which are used! It is a relatively simple method. The automatic dispensing and mounting machine is also used for dispensing and pasting the product. It is relatively simple and effective, and the effect will be significantly improved!
  Dispensing core machine, automatic dispensing and mounting machine and ball planting machine dispensing equipment, these three machines and equipment represent the highest equipment of our company, and also reflect the current manufacturing level of our company. If there is any demand in this respect, please call us! Telephone hotline: 13662812001