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What are the benefits of choosing a visual dispenser?

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Visual dispensing machines are trusted by many manufacturers. When receiving the phone, many will ask if there is a visual dispensing machine, see the market reaction, it is very strong. In fact, the application of visual dispensing equipment can be very relaxed. The technical requirements for personnel operation are very low, basically belonging to the role of placing and taking products. Some visual dispensing equipment is directly connected to the production line, and no manual intervention is required.
Visual dispenser advantages
1. Increase capacity, one machine can top 5 or 6 people's production capacity.
2. The visual inspection function can detect not only the location of dispensing glue, but also the undesirable products.
3. Good quality, good product rate reaches 99.8%.
4. Visual positioning technology, which can automatically identify the product dispensing position, identify the product within a few seconds of zero, and dispensing.
5. Ejector dispensing valve, super fast dispensing technology, water-borne capacity for easy use.
6. Production speed can reach 800mm/S, up to 1000mm/s
7. Visual dispenser has a wide range of applications, such as electronics, chips, SMT, electronics and super-bright industries.
The main reason for choosing visual dispensing machine is high precision and speed. Ordinary machine can finish products in 2-3 seconds, and the visual machine can complete in 1 second. The speed can complete different levels, for example: In the motherboard of the mobile phone, is each dispensing precision requirement very precise?The visual dispenser can still be completed at a very fast speed, and the result is very beautiful, which is why the visual dispenser is chosen.
In fact, there are many reasons to choose, not only speed and accuracy, but also quality. At present, in addition to visual dispenser, there are other types of dispenser in different locations, which can also be dispensed. The error is still within the range. Visual has been the trend of the development of the world. With more convenient working mode, dispensing tasks can be quickly completed.
Medium automatic dispensing machine manufacturer is a manufacturer of automation equipment. It has R&D, production and sales as one, strong strength, and visual dispensing machine parameters for production: speed: 1000mm/s, error control 0.01mm, high precision servo motor and micro motor control motor as a whole.