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How to remove the glue from the dispensing valve? Is there a

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  How to remove the dispensing? In fact, this is a problem that many manufacturers are facing because they don't know how to operate. Today, let me explain to you how to remove the dispensing glue. In fact, this is related to the characteristics of glue. Because the characteristics of glue used are different, it will seriously affect the waterproof of glue removal. The solution is to first focus on the type of glue, so as to have a better solution The solution.
  This is a relatively simple method for solder paste dispenser. Since the solder paste will not be sticky, cleaning is also very simple. Generally, alcohol will be used to smear, and then insert and wipe to remove the solder paste. In fact, the same is true for glue. Because alcohol can destroy the structural chain of glue, the glue will not solidify, the viscosity will decrease, and the viscosity will be reduced, so it is easy to be wiped off Degumming is also a way! For small areas of glue can be used, but also need to solve after the glue set.
  Some manufacturers also want to know how to remove the glue from the syringe or dispensing valve. In fact, each glue has its own cleaning agent, which belongs to chemical solution. Only by changing the chemical substance of the glue can they effectively clean it. However, these chemical solutions are not suitable for manufacturers to use on the dispensing valve. In fact, how to put the glue Removal is manual cleaning or air pressure cleaning. For example, the viscosity of solder paste is difficult to be completely cleaned. Manual cleaning is required. The dispensing valve is disassembled and cleaned. The glue cylinder can be cleaned. It is convenient and simple. It is also stored in the pressure barrel and cleaned. This needle has good fluidity for glue with low viscosity.
  The effect of the solder paste dispenser is different from some cleaning methods using glue. In fact, there are corresponding cleaning solutions for glue, and some green environmental protection solutions can be used for cleaning, which can also ensure the service life of the dispensing valve. Generally, the sealing is carried out internally, and the basic glue will not solidify. Therefore, if you choose a good dispensing equipment, you will not need to use the The problem of glue removal.