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Visual automatic dispensing machine dispensing control syste

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  Spot glue control system: is a program written with the framework of PLC, docking computer program, which has a stable program structure and is very simple to use. This is the operating system developed by our company. It has specific modules and is often in maintenance and upgrade. The more perfect the function, the more advanced the technical transformation.
  Visual auto dispenser is mainly operated by front-line employees. It is too difficult to operate the system, which is not suitable for use because it requires a certain English foundation and needs to be learned. To solve this problem, build a module directly. It can be used directly by simply entering product specifications or importing 3D drawings in it. Debugging is also very convenient.Direct conversion of 3D files into parameters allows direct modification, but is generally not required and the size of the glue can be freely controlled.
  Simple operating system, does not need to spend too much time to learn, quickly improve learning efficiency, manufacturers do not need to send staff to study. After on-site training, you can immediately start operation, which takes about two or three hours to familiarize with and operating system. The first contact may not be enough to understand, the operation is easy to start after several times.
  Our visual automatic dispensing machine system is developed entirely by our own manufacturers, and its operation familiarity is very high. On-site training, actual operation and on-site teaching by our professional engineers is faster than any training. This can not only save costs, but also speed up the start of the machine by the manufacturer, put into production quickly, and speed up the completion of orders.This is a more stable system than traditional dispensing programs.
  The whole program is machine to complete the issuance of instructions, which requires manual interference. Intelligence is getting higher and higher, as is technology. Now it is open to full automatic visual dispenser, which can produce production lines. The overall process, the effect is really very good, which is completely different from traditional devices.