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Full automatic dispenser for bra dropping

作者:中制自动化   日期:2021-06-16 17:46   浏览:

  Seamless bra is hot, not women also know it. Currently, apps account for most of the market. In fact, seamless bra has a direct relationship with gel dropping.Because the bra cloth is connected together by glue bonding instead of using steel rings together, the glue is fluid and can penetrate, but the penetration width is small, so it looks like there is no trace.
  In April, we received a bra manufacturer who specializes in bra production. To try out the gel dripping effect of our automatic dispenser to see if it is suitable for the needs of gel dripping, we need to point a lot of dots on the bra. This is not a traditional bra, it is more like a bra coat, using gel as silicone gel, we need to drop gel on it, it is round dots, three to six dots per location, and each dot needs to be even.The gum output is consistent, in fact, this is not very difficult.
  Recommended to use desktop automatic dispensing machine, travel in 300 mm*300*100mm, bra can be placed around, fixed position, can be dispensing, program setup is also simple, need to set point to the specified location, control the dispensing time, can be product dispensing, very convenient!
  There are fixed fixtures to place the bra on the fixture, which can be fixed well, and the position of the gum dropping will not be biased. Every product is like this for gum dispensing, which is fast, low cost, and also has a gum dispensing device with visual function. It can achieve quick gum dispensing without the need for fixtures, but the price is very expensive. At least RMB 80,000 is needed for sale. The price is expensive. A desktop automatic gum dispensing machine,The price is about 15,000. It's a lot cheaper!
  Suitable automatic dispenser is recommended!Any type of glue dispensing equipment is different. The customer chose our company and let me make two sets of tools. The machine completed the delivery in five days, sent the project in the past specially, and taught two employees to learn to operate the machine at the same time. In fact, the operation is very simple, convenient and quick. It only takes two hours to be familiar with the operation, and also built a group specially. There are some small problems that can be asked directly in the group.Some major problems will be directly sent to your door, and after-sales service is in place.