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Vision dispensing machine corrects dispensing valve device

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  When dispensing, you may encounter the problem of dispensing valve needle correction. Every time you dispensing, the mechanical axis will be slightly cheaper, the operation time is long, the mechanical axis will shift, and the dispensing accuracy will be affected. So after setting the dispensing program, you will choose a point as the correction point to avoid re programming. Does the visual dispensing machine need to be corrected?

  Why correction

  In fact, the visual dispensing machine does not need to correct the dispensing valve device, why? CCD visual dispensing device has the function of recognition and positioning. Every dispensing is repositioned. There is no offset from the device to the starting point of product dispensing, and the product is not placed in a fixed position. It can be dispensed at will, and the effect is very obvious.
Corrective dispensing is mainly for automatic dispensing machine without vision system. Do you understand now? In fact, correction is also very convenient, just need to do a correction every day before dispensing products, you can carry out dispensing, daily production tasks, you can also complete dispensing, do not need to often do correction, the effect is still good.

  Collocation can solve dispensing error

  The correction of dispensing valve mainly depends on which type of dispensing equipment is used. The effect of ordinary stepper motor is relatively poor. The servo motor with ball screw has high precision and small error, and basically does not need dispensing correction. Therefore, the effect of dispensing valve device is very good. The use of accessories can not be bad, and the price is high or low, for a reason. Different prices, different accessories, The effect is also much worse! The main reason for the high price of the visual dispenser.
  It's very simple to correct the problem. If you don't set it on the dispenser, you can set it directly now, and the effect is the same. You don't often feel that the mechanical axis offset is basically a problem, but the offset is a very small error, which gradually accumulates into a problem, so the dispensing problem will appear. If there are immobile, welcome to consult!