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Advantages of desktop visual dispensing machine

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  There are two types of visual dispensers, large and desktop. Large ones are mainly used together with production lines, while small ones have relatively few opportunities. However, some manufacturers producing precision parts need desktop visual dispensers. Talk about the characteristics of desktop, install computer devices and visual systems on small platform machines, and match them with visual dispensers, Also can carry on the visual dispensing function, in some high demand production products, also can carry on the dispensing, exquisite technology, continuous dispensing technology.
  Precision dispensing machine needs parts as support, motor selection precision stepper motor, movement accuracy of 0.1 mm, with visual dispensing device, quality and accuracy are guaranteed, visual recognition device, avoid dispensing displacement problem, visual dispensing effect, is not simple, but also easy to control, convenience is strengthened, simple operation, strong convenience.
  In chip dispensing, desktop visual dispensing machine can be used, which needs to be glued at the pins. Because it is not a production line production mode, it has high requirements for dispensing, and it can be completed by using small machines. There is no output requirement. There is a demand for designated production every day, and the program is very simple. It only needs to set four weeks to make a square dispensing.
  The advantage of using desktop visual dispensing machine lies in dispensing accuracy and cost. A large visual machine costs about 100000 yuan, while desktop machine only costs about 50000 yuan. To see which type of dispensing valve to match, injection valve is more expensive, and ordinary dispensing valve is relatively cheaper. Generally, ordinary dispensing valve is recommended because it cares about glue control, There are not too many requirements for speed. The speed of desktop visual dispensing machine is enough to meet the dispensing effect.

  Characteristics of desktop visual dispensing machine

  1. Simple operation control, visual positioning function, identification dispensing, high precision.
  2. Operability, can meet the dispensing task of different products.
  3. Small size, can be placed in the production line, more convenient to control.
  4. It's small and cheap.