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Case and video of terminal connection line dispensing

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  Automatic silicone dispenser is recommended for terminal connection line dispensing. It is recommended according to the requirements of glue and product. This is the proper dispensing requirement. Glue and samples are provided by customers themselves. We recommend the corresponding dispensing device and dispenser according to its characteristics. We will use this device for on-site proofing to see whether the dispensing effect and dispensing efficiency can meet the standard.
  Terminal connection line dispensing: linear dispensing is the main way, and the point-to-point dispensing is used at the line segment and terminal connection. The effect is relatively slow, and the number of times is large. For the abrasion degree of the sealing ring of dispensing valve, it is suggested that linear dispensing can also "take care" of the line segment gap, which can improve the gluing quality of the connection line and protect the dispensing device.
  What kind of machine type is recommended is completely the same as the glue type and requirements given by the manufacturer. Different viscosity glue will have different dispensing devices and products. If the fixture is not exactly the same and the size is not right, there will be a problem. The dispensing effect will become worse and the dispensing task can not be realized. Therefore, according to the terminal connection line dispensing requirements, this is the main reason, Dispensing equipment must be matched, in order to achieve more dispensing, our company has terminal connection line dispensing case and video, convenient to see Oh!
  Features of automatic silicone dispenser
  1. It has the technology of automatic short cut glue mending, which can effectively solve the problem of line gluing.
  2. High efficiency, stable quality, yield rate of 98.5%
  3. There are no problems such as wire drawing, glue leakage and uneven glue application,
  4. The stroke reaches 300 mm * 300 mm * 100 mm.
  5. The dispensing precision is high, and the repeated dispensing precision is up to 100% ± 0.02.
  6. The travel movement is stable, and the 24-hour production department shifts.
  There are three kinds of glue used in terminal connection line dispensing, namely, silica gel, UV glue and hot melt glue. They all have good packaging effect, heat resistance, dust resistance, waterproof and firm bonding. Other glue can also be used, but the representativeness is not strong. Our company has a lot of experience in the production of terminal connection line. If the manufacturer is interested, please contact us!