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Circular Spray Valve-ZZ-65A

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Circular spray valve can also be used as a dispensing valve, for high viscosity requirements, low viscosity glue can be used to achieve spray, medium viscosity can be used to dispense glue, can not use high viscosity glue, glue viscosity range is 1-5000CPS, beyond its viscosity can not basically meet the requirements, you need to see the manufacturer's own requirements before use!
Circular spray valve
Circular spray valve
1. Spray Valve Parameters
Brand Medium Automatic Equipment Model ZZ-65A
Operating Pressure 4-7kg/cm Minimum Ejection 0.1mm
Glue Viscosity 1-5000CPS Main Material Aluminum Alloy
Weight 292g Operating frequency <600min
Feed Pressure <10kg Feed Size 1/8"ntp(f)
Nozzle type smooth or rough recommended guided price 1500 yuan/piece
2. Glue Viscosity Used in Spray Valves
A circular spray valve consists of 25 accessories. At the end there is a kilometer to adjust the spray precision. The spray effect can be foggy, but the viscosity cannot exceed 1000CPS. The intake pressure can be adjusted according to the requirements of the fog. The higher the pressure, the better the spray effect and the pressure can not exceed 10kg/cm.
Circular spray valve
3. Spray valves of two specifications
Circular spray valve
In the round spray valve nozzle, there is smooth and rough effect, rough effect will affect the atomization effect, but the glue is thin enough, you can choose the rough round spray valve to spray, if the viscosity is slightly higher or you want a better atomization effect, choose the smooth nozzle, the price difference is 300 yuan, the guiding price is 1800 yuan/piece.
4. Use liquids mainly
Water, alcohol, triple paint, ink and low-viscosity glue.