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Anaerobic Adhesive Spot Valve-ZZ-60Y

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  Anaerobic dispensing valve is very different from general type of dispensing valve. It is mainly used in structure and glue. What kind of glue should be used when matching with automatic dispensing machine. This kind of dispensing valve is named after glue, that is, anaerobic glue. Due to the special nature of glue, considerable glue can be dispensed.
Anaerobic Rubber Spot Valve Anaerobic Rubber Spot Valve

  1. Anaerobic gel point valve structure

  The main structure can be divided into two parts, cylinder and rubber cylinder, cylinder is made of aluminium alloy, cylinder is made of Teflon material, diaphragm is installed inside, so anaerobic glue point valve has become diaphragm point valve, can use low viscosity glue, similar to instant dry glue (502, fast dry glue), anaerobic glue and screw glue, etc. Teflon material will not react with glue, as long as the diaphragm is installedAfter use, clean immediately and the glue will not solidify inside.

  2. Use method of anaerobic gel point valve

  The head of the anaerobic gel point valve has a rotating function to adjust the glue volume slightly. The large flow debugging method is to adjust the air pressure.Inside the anaerobic gel point valve there will be an axis, which is controlled by air pressure in and out. When the valve is opened, the axis will go down and when the valve is closed, the axis will be pulled up so that the glue can be released and the glue can be closed.

  Anaerobic Rubber Spot Valve

  3. Anaerobic Spot Valve Parameters
  Brand Medium Automatic Equipment Model ZZ-60Y
  Operating Pressure 4-7kg/cm Minimum Ejection 0.1mm
  Suitable for Viscosity 1~1000CPS Main Material Aluminum Alloy+Teflon
  Weight 422g Operating Viscosity <600min
  Input Material <10kg Input Size 1/8"NPT(f)
  Use machine semi-automatic and automatic rubber outlet 3mm
  Suitable needle Teflon needle size 87*28mm M5 screw
Anaerobic Rubber Spot Valve
  There are also quick-dry glue and anaerobic glue types in the special type of anaerobic glue dispensing valve. If you use the anaerobic glue type in the quick-dry glue, the service life will be worse and the quick-dry glue will be hot, so the durability is lower. You can use it according to the situation.Large quantities are preferable and prices are negotiable.