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Vacuum automatic filling machine

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Functions of automatic glue filling machine: double liquid glue automatic mixing, automatic glue discharging, material shortage alarm, liquid level detection, automatic cleaning, vacuum defoaming, product detection, machine positioning, automatic production, pressure barrel heating, glue quantity measurement, etc. a full-automatic glue filling machine is equipped with a lot of mechanical accessories, and the structure is a gantry floor type support.
Control system: PLC control system and touch screen are used as the data core to set all the values of automatic glue filling machine. Use method: the data of glue filling, glue discharging and glue control are centralized on the touch screen for control. The programming method is simple, the operation is easy, and the maintenance is simple.
Glue system: there are three to four glue metering pumps, each of which can control the viscosity and proportion of glue in different stages, such as screw valve, gear pump and metering pump, with different characteristics.
Mechanical structure: all materials are aluminum alloy, and then through cutting and welding combination to form a full-automatic glue filling machine bracket.
Mixing and dispensing system: there is a glue metering pump at the outlet of the pressure barrel to measure the delivery volume of a glue and B glue, which is in line with the mixing ratio, and then it is delivered to the dispensing valve all the way, and the dispensing valve is used for mixing.
Liquid level detection device: a visible liquid level device and a material shortage sensor are installed at the side of the pressure barrel.
Glue output control: glue output size, continuous, glue breaking time can be controlled, glue output value can be changed according to the gluing track.
Glue anti curing: it has anti curing effect in the dispensing opportunity to prevent the whole dispensing system from being paralyzed due to mistakes
Three pressure barrel design: one pressure barrel for glue a and B respectively, and one pressure barrel for cleaning liquid, without delay for both. Glue filling and dispensing can be carried out at the same time.
Glue heating function: in order to meet the heating function of some glue demands, a heating device will be added to the outer ring of the pressure barrel to heat the glue.
Vacuum defoaming device: it can solve the bubble in the glue and avoid the influence on the glue quality. The bubble will occupy the glue quantity. If there is bubble, it can't guarantee whether the quality of each product is the same.
Glue mixing proportion: the glue within the range can be mixed at will, and the proportion can be set directly on the touch screen, which is very convenient and does not need to be adjusted manually.
Technical parameters of vacuum defoaming and filling machine
Model: zz-zk-869f type: large floor glue filling machine
Glue mixing ratio: 10:1-1:1 operating system: PLC + touch screen
Proportioning accuracy: ± 1% working mode: automatic / manual
Software system: developed by Chinese manufacturers; glue delivery speed: 3G / sec-15g / sec
Glue viscosity: Max ≤ 200000mpa · s Glue metering method: precision metering pump
Dispensing valve type: electric mixing dispensing valve pressure barrel type: stainless steel mixing pressure barrel
Automatic cleaning: with z-axis lifting height: 0-100mm
Track sliding device: linear synchronous belt filling range: epoxy rubber, silica gel
Liquid level display of pressure barrel: with working diameter: 2m (optional)
Heating function of pressure barrel: with working power supply: AC220V 50 ~ 60Hz 500W
Working temperature: temperature: 0 ~ 40 ° humidity: 20 ~ 90% machine weight: 500kg
Application Industry: communication products, power battery, epoxy resin.
With the integration of automatic glue filling machine, each part of the area has different effects, which can be combined to give full play to the maximum effect, so as to solve the problem of product glue filling.