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Large stroke floor type two component glue filling machine

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  Product introduction: the long-distance two-component floor type glue filling machine is a floor type glue filling equipment, which has the functions of double liquid glue mixing and vacuum glue filling. It can complete the automatic product production independently. The whole production process requires few manual places, only one employee can control a machine, and the production conditions are simple.

  Parameters of two component floor filling machine

  Control system: PLC system + touch screen system
  Mixed glue: precision metering pump + static / dynamic double liquid dispensing valve.
  Rubber filling bubble elimination: Vacuum defoamer
  Mechanical stroke: customized
  Dispensing speed: 1.5g/sec ~ 15g / sec
  Glue ratio: 10:1 ~ 1:1
  Repeat accuracy: ± 0.02%
  Visual positioning function: optional
  Pressure barrel liter: a barrel 30L B barrel 25L cleaning barrel 5L
  Pressure bucket type: funnel pressure bucket

  Introduction of two component floor filling machine

  Whether a full-automatic glue filling machine is suitable for the production requirements of the industry depends on what accessories can be used, whether it can use high viscosity, two-component glue, and some glue types with characteristics. The glue can meet the requirements of the industry, and the corresponding accessories can be produced or customized to make the glue filling function meet the actual production requirements. The glue filling equipment produced by our company is very structurally designed It is simple and integrates functions into the highest state to meet the use requirements of the industry.
  Two component glue can be used: epoxy resin glue, crystal glue, sealant, polyurethane and silica gel. These two-component glue can be used. However, when using epoxy resin glue and polyurethane glue, attention should be paid to the characteristics of the glue. When mixing epoxy glue, there will be bubbles. Only when the bubbles are eliminated, can the glue be filled. The two-liquid polyurethane glue has high viscosity and low mixing ratio, so it can be used Requirements are also slow and high.
  Suitable industries: automobile lamp glue filling, power glue filling, handicraft glue dropping, light source glue filling, PCB glue dispensing.