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Desktop visual jet dispenser

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  Visual jet dispensing machine is a newly developed machine of our company's Chinese manufacturers. It has also stepped into the ranks of high-precision dispensing equipment manufacturers. Generally, visual machines are used in dispensing of high-precision products, especially when it is difficult to locate or the product is complex, so it can use the visual recognition function, automatically adjust the dispensing position, flexibly dispensing, become more intelligent, and avoid dispensing problems.
  Features of visual jet dispenser
  1. Intelligent recognition function, high dispensing accuracy, automatic dispensing adjustment.
  2. The dispensing quality is stable, and the vision controls the accuracy accurately.
  3. Spray type dispensing valve is fast to avoid drawing and leakage.
  4、 Suitable for the use of low viscosity glue, with good sealing, let us have a better coating effect.
  5. Using voltage controller, the fluidity and precision control are more stable
  6. The visual recognition function can also observe the product quality and directly enlarge the product quality.
  The core technical parameters will not be put away. The functions and parameters are not detailed enough. Our company has complete technical data of visual jet dispenser. If you are interested in it, add a wechat and send all the parameters and prototypes to you to have a look. You can see the product intuitively and see if our company has the strength to produce jet dispenser. At present, many manufacturers are suppliers and look for manufacturers, The price will be lower.
  Our company is located at No.1, 6th Street, 128 Industrial Zone, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City. There are a large number of machines in dispensing machine manufacturers, including desktop standard machine, floor standing machine and non-standard machine. Visual jet dispensing machine is also one of the types. About ten kinds of machines have samples in the company. Your company can take the products and directly carry out dispensing. The quality is suitable and guaranteed, and you can get the present machine. Welcome Your company is coming!