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Double position 4331 automatic dispensing machine

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  The types of dispensing equipment include many machines, such as landing machine, gantry type, visual type and jet type. Our company produces all kinds of machines. At present, many products can be produced by our company's machines. Now it has been involved in various industries. Your company has the demand for dispensing. You can consult us. Today, let's talk about the main role. It's a double station 4331 dispensing machine.
  4331 dispensing machine features
  1. Double position structure is adopted, and products within 300 mm can be placed at the position, and dispensing can be carried out in turn.
  2. Using the time difference, dispensing the product, Y1 dispensing, Y2 taking the product and placing the product, without mutual influence.
  3. It can realize irregular curve, point, arc, circle and straight line dispensing technology, which can meet the demand of 3D space dispensing.
  4. Suitable for a variety of glue use requirements, epoxy glue, crystal glue, silica gel, hot-melt glue dispensing, single component and low proportion two-component glue can be used.
  5. The application industry also involves the current popular industries, such as: electronic, mobile phone, PCB board, household appliances and plastic frame dispensing. The products with basic demand dispensing can be used.
  6. Low cost. The price of a 4331 dispenser is about 15000 (including freight, fixture and service fee), which can solve many price problems of manufacturers.
  7. 4331 dispensing machine is a standard model, which can meet the dispensing requirements of many products. It is convenient to use and has complete functions.
  The hot melt glue dispenser can also use 4331 glue dispenser as the basic machine, and install appropriate glue dispensing accessories. The hot melt glue needs to be heated. The controller and glue dispensing valve need to be configured. The ordinary glue dispensing valve can't heat the glue, so it can't melt the hot melt glue. Your company has the glue requirements in this respect. Our company can produce machines, other types of machines, and can also manufacture!
  4331 dispensing machine belongs to the type of automatic dispensing machine. The dispensing effect is more accurate than that of manual. The glue quantity control, dispensing accuracy and convenience are more accurate. The precision of dispensing for plastic frame is controlled at 0.1mm. It needs straight-line dispensing. The length is about 100mm, which can't be done by manual. The machine is very simple. Each rubber strip can reach the standard faster, and it's convenient for manufacturers to use. It will have better effect.
  Straight line dispensing technology is one of the simplest technologies of automatic dispensing machine. Although the speed of 4331 dispensing machine is only several times faster than that of manual, the price is not very high. It only takes two to three months, and the cost is basically recovered. A machine can be used for two to three years, and there is still a profit after removing the cost of consumables. Replacement products, the machine can still cope with the diversity of the core dispensing technology, in line with modern production needs.