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How to program automatic solder paste machine

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  At present, many circuit board manufacturers choose automation equipment operation, including glue dispensing, soldering machine and screw machine. These three machines can replace manual work. Generally, before soldering, solder paste is needed. After finishing, soldering is done with automatic machines. However, our company just can meet the demand. There is an automatic solder paste dispenser! There are also some customers are not very familiar with the habitual dispensing machine programming, today's small editor to talk about how to program.

  Solder paste dispensing programming steps

  Programming steps are directly related to the machine system. Some people like to use the constant control system, while others like the full-time system. According to different systems, there will be different programming steps. Today, let's talk about the ordinary constant control system.
  The first step is to turn on the power, wait for the handle to react, and then return to the origin.
  The second step is to establish the operation menu. There will be various parameter interfaces, such as speed, glue opening and closing time, advance dispensing time, linear speed, advance glue closing speed, etc. These are the main parameters. The following is the circuit programming.
  Step 3: paint lines or points according to the product. First, select a point as the starting point. After setting the starting point, press "OK", and then move to the next point. The straight line is two points, while in the circle, three points are needed to fix the circle. Each line segment needs to be connected from the starting point and the end point to the end. This is the third step.
  Here we have completed the solder paste dispensing machine programming, programming is not very simple, this is a fool is brush single method, can be very good to solve the programming problem, automatic solder paste machine air pressure control is more simple, will be explained in the next article! You can click the link in the past to see you and we write the problem, if you do not understand the method can contact our company engineering Oh!