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How to realize the synchronous work of dispensing solder?

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   The dispensing and soldering can be synchronized. After dispensing, I can carry out product soldering in the way of assembly line. Before that, the coordination effect was not very good, and there was no way to fully connect the two. Then I introduced a new structural engineer and finally developed the automatic equipment for dispensing and soldering, which can be well controlled with the assembly line The effect of glue and solder!
  Connect the dispensing technology of automatic solder paste dispenser and soldering technology of soldering machine, and then connect to a new structural platform to manufacture the assembly line. After dispensing, the robot or visual mode is used to transport. The manipulator can replace the hand, and the vision can replace the glasses. This is a comparative method. Then go down the assembly line and solder, and the overall effect will be achieved This is the case, but the effect needs a lot of things, to achieve automatic dispensing, the manufacturing process requirements are relatively high.
  The requirement of manufacturing an assembly line effect is relatively high. The general cost is 80000, and some production lines need more than one million, but they are all built independently. According to the core production demand of the manufacturer, the price is relatively high, because the demand for the machine is not too high, and the cost is relatively low. Manufacturers can consult by telephone! This can understand your company's detailed production requirements, which is also very helpful for the production line manufacturing.
  The programming of automatic solder paste dispensing machine is different from that of pipeline type, because desktop type automatic dispensing machine adopts constant control system, while pipeline type uses automatic programming PLC system and independent programming. In order to better realize dispensing and soldering, these are necessary to do. Solder paste dispensing machine programming can be taught by video, while pipelined dispensing and soldering machine needs on-site lessons and functionality Different, the effect will be significantly different, if you need dispensing and soldering technology, welcome to consult!