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Is the air pressure adjustment method of automatic solder pa

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  In fact, the air pressure adjustment of automatic solder paste dispenser is very simple. Generally, the dispensing syringe will be used and the adapter will be connected to the dispensing syringe. The air pressure is controlled by the dispensing controller. It is very convenient to adjust the air pressure. However, it is necessary to select the needle and adjust the air pressure before good control can be achieved!
  Because the solder needs to choose a good needle, and then through the dispensing controller can be dispensing Oh! The air pressure of automatic solder paste welding machine can be adjusted by solder paste fluidity. It can be adjusted larger, and smaller, and smaller. The air pressure determines the amount of glue dispensing, and the needle is also the factor that determines the glue output. The principle of needle size and air pressure is the same, and the adjustment method of solder dispensing is very simple.
  In fact, the automatic solder paste dispenser is the same as the ordinary solder paste dispenser, but the title is different. The debugging method is the same, so is the air pressure debugging. They are all very simple things. Whether the effect of glue and solder meets the demand depends on the product requirements of the manufacturer! Only then can produce the reasonable machine, I also have each aspect machine type, besides the solder paste dispensing machine, also has many dispensing machines! Belongs to the old manufacturer of machine production, if there is demand in this respect, we can continue!
  If you don't understand the solder paste dispenser programming, you can also consult our company. I have contact with full-time system or constant control system, and I often use it. I am familiar with this aspect, and also have our own PLC system. If you need system support, you can also contact us! Welcome customers and peer consultation! Automatic solder paste machine air pressure regulation and programming, our company can provide technical support.