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Can the automatic dispensing machine use shadow free adhesiv

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  Shadow free adhesive is also called UV adhesive. After curing, it is transparent, and the drop process is required to be higher. It is mainly used in electronic products, protection, bonding and protection. Automatic dispensing machine can choose equipment according to the demand. There are three kinds of machines that can use shadow free adhesive.


  Semi automatic dispensing machine

  It is the first dispensing mode. The controller is used to connect the needle cylinder, and the shadow free glue is placed in the needle cylinder. The needle and air pressure control the glue quantity. The advantages are flexible and convenient, and it does not need to learn to program. The operation is simple. The air source is connected and the air pressure is adjusted, so that the dispensing can be carried out.

  Automatic dispensing machine

  This is equipped with a three-axis dispensing machine platform, which can automatically spot. According to the dispensing track required by the product, the dispensing path is set, so that the dispensing can be continued. The fixture needs to be made, the product is fixed on the fixture, and can be ordered without moving. The speed is fast, which is five or six times of the manual dispensing. The amount of glue can be controlled, and basically each product is consistent, The error is not more than 0.02%. UV lamp is also equipped on the mechanical axis, and the glue is lighted immediately to realize rapid curing.

  Double position visual dispensing machine

  The visual dispensing machine is a more accurate dispensing equipment, with an accuracy of 0.01mm. It can recognize the dispensing technology, and does not need to fix the product. It can be applied only in a reasonable position. The visual system can also identify one of the equipment with more complete functions and quality, including all the features of the former, and also the visual recognition and positioning to solve the problem of automatic offset.
  For the use of shadow free adhesive what type of machine, can be combined with the manufacturer's requirements Oh! Cost and product quantity, high cost can choose two station visual dispensing machine, small number can choose semi-automatic dispensing machine, low cost, different needs, manufacturers can choose equipment according to the demand!