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2600ml silica gel dispenser

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  specially. The packing type supports the same glass glue, but the glue quantity is relatively large. Generally, there is no way to produce the full-automatic dispenser. If it is forced to produce, it needs to squeeze the glue onto other pressure barrels, and then dispensing, which is quite laborious. Using the special silica gel dispenser can completely solve this problem, Very fast.
  Correct way of glue application: there are many types of full-automatic dispenser, including three-axis, desktop, landing, vision, etc. it is the hard truth to select the machine with appropriate requirements, and supporting silica gel is also a commonly used packaging. Our company has solved the problem of 2600ml supporting silica gel glue application, developed a silica gel dispenser, used the cylinder pressure barrel to extrude and deliver the glue to the dispensing valve, and then electronic The 2600ml silica gel pressure barrel is equipped with air cylinder. The piston can be pushed down on the pusher. The glue will go out from the bottom of the barrel and flow on the dispensing valve, thus solving the problem of glue application.
  For example, 330ml of silica gel, 2600ml of silica gel sleeve, 2600ml of silica gel, and 2600ml of cylinder pressure barrel are used to support silica gel. Silica gel can be directly stored in the cylinder without extrusion of glue, to avoid waste of glue, to reduce production steps, and to improve the gluing effect of electronic parts. This is the right way to apply glue and to use it reasonably In order to improve product production and reduce production problems, rather than manufacturing problems, machines are used.
  The use effect of silicone dispenser and accessories are very important. There is basically no way to meet the requirements for any type of silicone dispenser. There will be problems in use. For the use of mounting silicone, it is necessary to install the silicone dispenser with appropriate requirements, install the fixed device, and avoid the problem of glue application. The glue application of electronic parts is only one of other industries. According to the type, our company can customize the appropriate silicon Glue machine and product effect. Glue control and collision cannot be avoided in the application of electronic parts. Electronic parts are installed on the circuit board, and need to be fixed at the bottom, and then glue dispensing. If the effect of machine control is not good, it will affect the application of products.
  The 2600ml silica gel dispenser produced by our company is specially used for this glue. Other types of glue cannot be used. If bulk silica gel is used, other full-automatic dispensers can be selected. Because our company has machine manufacturing technology, we can manufacture appropriate machines for manufacturers. Electronic parts gluing is only one of the application industries, and many industries can use the full-automatic glue produced by our company Dispensing machine, the effect is still very good, otherwise your company can send me the product, do proofing video for you, watch it directly, it has a lot of effect on dispensing effect.