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Automatic filling machine for adult products

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  Adult product dispenser is also our main two-component automatic dispenser, which has good production effect for adult product dispenser, dispensing and gluing. Especially in the use of two-component silica gel, it has a good technical improvement, more in line with the needs of the industry. Let's understand the performance and function of our adult product dispenser. I hope it can help your company 。

  Characteristics of adult products filling machine 

  1. Two component glue mixing dispensing, high viscosity of silica gel, not easy to mix evenly, our company overcomes the problem of glue filling.
  2. Automatic cleaning device, after glue filling, the machine will automatically complete cleaning to avoid glue blocking.
  3. The touch screen operation controller, together with PLC system, controls the output ratio of metering pump and glue control, so as to achieve the proper glue filling ratio.
  4. The liquid level display pressure barrel can observe the glue usage, how much is the daily usage, and calculate the total amount of production products.
  5. The operation is simple, the product filling path can be programmed from the handle controller, and other parameters can be set on the touch screen.
  6. The quality of the product is stable, which can basically reach 99.98% of the good products and improve the product quality.
  7. Reduce the arrangement of glue filling personnel and improve the production speed of other stations. The machine can produce 4 to 5 people.
  8. The mechanical structure is precise, each machine is designed independently, and the parameters are not uniform. Our company implements dispensing task according to the product structure.
  9. After modification or modification, it can better reflect the filling effect.
  10. It is matched with the precise dynamic double liquid dispensing valve + liquid level display pressure barrel developed and produced by our company.
  11. The program is easy to set up and can be imported into the glue filling machine by CAD to complete the glue filling task.
  Whether the single component silica gel filling meets the requirements and standards mainly depends on the type of machine used. The core fully automatic filling machine of professional production can well achieve the filling. For example, for adult products, our company has set up a new type of filling equipment, which is used for the filling of glue in this industry. For adult products, the filling machine can highly densify the products Sealing and bonding, parts installation requires production.
  The liquid level display pressure barrel is very convenient to use. Generally, the two-component glue does not need to be cleaned. As long as the mixing hose is cleaned, the automatic cleaning function is also added, which is particularly convenient for the glue filling task. It can see the use of glue, solve the problems of using a variety of glue, and avoid the insufficient use, resulting in uneven glue filling of adult products.

  Working process of automatic glue filling machine

  Glue filling process for adult products: select proper two-component glue → install glue → cover the pressure barrel flat cover → adjust the input air pressure value → set the glue filling path → run the air glue test track → start to transport glue → debug the precision metering pump → start to mix glue → carry out glue filling test → adjust parameters → carry out product glue filling → observe whether the quality meets the standard.