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The main dispensing accessories commonly used by dispensing needles in dispensing industry are dispensing consumables, while our mid-system is the manufacturer of dispensing needles, which can provide 14g~32g needles in large quantities. If you produce la.

Stainless steel pressure drums are commonly used in dispensing industry, because dispensing industry needs a lot of glue, because single component dispensing valves can not store a large amount of glue, and need to match with stainless steel pressure drum.

In the service dispensing industry, I have encountered the most problems, that is, how to control the glue accuracy. In fact, the glue control has little to do with the automatic dispensing machine. The function of the machine is to control the trajectory.

Precision jet valve is a valve made by advanced technology, which differs from other dispensing valves in dispensing method, using spray dispensing technology, while the usual dispensing valve is dispensing method, using spray method can improve the accur.

Plunger dispensing valve is a kind of point-to-point silica gel type rubber valve, which can point high viscosity silica gel, and dispensing speed, also known as high-speed dispensing valve, can use medium and high viscosity glue, the effect of point-to-p.

The screw dispensing valve manufactured in Germany has very high dispensing accuracy in dispensing. The dispensing accuracy can reach 0.01 mm, the repetitive dispensing accuracy is (+2 mg), and it can also dispensing with a variety of types of glue. T...

Imported dispensing valves are different from domestic dispensing valves, especially in dispensing accuracy. In some industries which are particularly difficult to meet the requirements of dispensing accuracy, imported dispensing valves need to be used as.

Circular dispensing valve, also known as plunger dispensing valve, is a kind of rubber valve commonly used for dispensing high concentration glue. It uses stainless steel cylinder axis, with good sealing effect and no leakage or drip. It is a popular type.

Precision dispensing valves are widely used in dispensing industry at present. The dispensing accuracy meets the demand of dispensing industry, and the precision control is good. So it has become a popular part in the application of automatic dispensing e.

High viscosity dispensing valves are specially designed for those glue with high concentration and poor flow. Some dispensing industries require very high glue concentration, but also mix two kinds of glue. Many dispensing valves can not meet the requirem.