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Do you know the importance of the double hole dispensing controller? I dont know if youve heard of this equipment. Its the air pressure control device of our common glue applicator. Now many manufacturers use glue applicator, so if there is no double hole.

Plunger type dispensing valve is a kind of glue valve with high viscosity glue dispensing function. Some glue with poor fluidity can be dispensing. Due to the structure, it also has the function of suction back to prevent wire drawing. There are many func.

Precision automatic dispensing machine problems how to repair, maintenance will need to find problems in the position that where, otherwise unable to complete automatic dispensing machine maintenance work, in addition to deliberately dispensing operation .

There are two kinds of precision screw valves, one is made in China, the other is imported. The performance of the two kinds of screw valves will have some differences. The main reason is that the service life of imported products will be longer and the q.

The structure of manual dispensing gun is simple and easy to operate. If it is used in the toy dispensing links, it is necessary for the operator to hold the manual dispensing gun to carry out production work. Because it is manually operated by employees,.

The handle controller is a kind of accessory that every platform gluing machine will bring. Combined with the current glue dispensing system, it can be convenient and debugging. How to design the surface gluing path is directly related to the handle c...

In recent years, the dispensing method is changing from contact to non-contact. Some foreign companies have begun to study this and then launch their own products. Let's introduce ceramic spray valve to you....

An online jet dispensing machine according to the different environment of dispensing, dispensing valves also have different types, in order to in different industries and different environment models need to choose dispensing, dispensing machine, how...

The automatic dispensing machine with needles is still the majority in the market, because the current automatic dispensing machine is expensive, and the production technology has not yet been completed, so the needle dispensing is still the main form. Th.

dispensing industry. It can use high, medium and low types of glue. It can adjust the amount of glue produced according to the needs of the industry. So it can dispensing for various products. There are many types of glue used. Let Xiaobian introduce the .