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Our main products are dispensing equipment and locking screw equipment, among which desktop machine is a mature performance machine, which makes excellent dispensing effect with simple structure. Todays small edition will introduce a full-automatic dispen.

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Our company production of glue machine, general with specifications and application classification allows manufacturers can choose suitable machine according to the requirement, for example: three axis automatic coating machine, coating machine, 331 triax.

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2600ml silica gel dispenser belongs to a semi-automatic dispenser. 2600ml refers to the storage capacity of silica gel. One kind of silica gel is supported by 2600ml. In order to meet the silica gel requirements, our company has produced a semi-automa...

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Wanjiang district is the economic center of Dongguan City. Many manufacturers are developing in this area. However, our Chinese manufacturers started to set up factories in this area, which also belong to Wanjiang dispenser manufacturers. Due to the expan.

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Still worry about high viscosity silicone dispensing? Are you still worried about not using the silica gel? Are you still worried about uneven glue delivery? We have developed a silica gel dispenser with American manufacturers. From the core hardware, we .

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Dongguan Zhongzhi automation equipment Co., Ltd. is located in No.1, 6th Street, 128 Industrial Zone, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City. It is a manufacturer that has already produced full-automatic dispensing machine, stainless steel pressure barrel and dispen.

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Conductive glue dispensing technology is directly related to the type of machine used. Each machine type has some characteristics. There are special points in the accessories. The glue has viscosity and setting time. To use a glue, you need to understand .

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The flashlight double liquid dispensing machine is a semi-automatic dispensing machine, which adopts the manual dispensing mode, and the glue output is controlled by the machine. It is famous for its low cost. It can solve some dispensing technologies...

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Black glue is a kind of commonly used glue type. Its characteristics are: a little thick, mainly used in porcelain, chips and metals, etc., generally used for sealing, rarely used for bonding. According to its characteristics, the black glue dispenser...

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Using glue robot for glue application is a kind of glue application method preferred by all kinds of small and medium-sized manufacturers. It can realize the three-sided glue application of a part. Compared with the previous manual glue application, it ha.