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The visual range of spray application of automatic dispensing machine is widely used, with the dispensing technology have a great relationship, determines the quality of dispensing dispensing technology, but also determines the quality of the product, for.

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The voltage for multi axis automatic dispensing machine main production equipment of transformer, transformer surrounding for dispensing work, the need for the need for dispensing around fixed or sealing tape, can use automatic dispenser for dispensing, t.

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Desktop visual automatic dispensing machine is a smaller version of the large automatic dispensing machine, not only has the characteristics of large dispensing machine, also with a small device, belonging to a comprehensive type dispensing machine, appli.

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TP refers to the mobile phone touch screen frame, now mobile phone substrate production are using the touch screen, coupled with the mobile phone dispensing process is now needs very precise dispensing technology, dispensing equipment is generally unable .

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The battery box is a storage management and use of the tool, by placing the batteries in the battery box, providing equipment as power, the practical application is very important in the production of battery box needs to be applied to the dispensing proc.

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The large high-speed injection type visual dispenser is a good dispensing equipment, equipped with visual system, which can improve the production effect, especially in the industry of high-precision and mass production. The main applications of large hig.

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Large object is generally used for artificial glue dispensing, but some items need to draw graphics, the use of artificial dispensing technology may not reach the requirements, because the high-end market began to pursue with exquisite patt...

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Jet dispensing machine online customization is made according to the needs of enterprises, the use of appropriate accessories, appropriate precision, the appropriate height, make production technology closer to the requirements of production, to ensur...

发布者:马交易 时间:2018-01-19 阅读量:225

The base station box is a kind of application of radiation transfer tower, cable, WeiXing Railway Station, as long as related to the emission of the signal basically are required to use the base box, this product is also a large multi axis dispensing ...

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One of the commonly used equipment for multi axis automatic dispensing machine and electronic industry, multi axis means there are two or more needles, are generally used for point to point or line to the line of work, such as circle and arc, these ar...