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Guidance: The gantry five-axis sealing strip dispensing machine is a non-standard type machine. Generally, dispensing machines larger than 551 are basically defined as non-standard machines. The advantage of non-standard machines is that they can design t.

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Industrial dispensing of LED lamp tube can use double-headed lamp with dispensing machine...

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Desktop visual dispensing machine is one of the best types of small dispensing equipment. It does not have the bulkiness of large dispensing equipment, but has dispensing technology of large dispensing equipment. It can still meet the needs of production,.

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Visual intelligent dispensing machine can realize visual positioning and full automation dispensing. It has super high dispensing control technology. It belongs to one of the highest dispensing equipments in China. It will not produce in large quantities..

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Desktop glue dispenser is a kind of three-axis dispensing machine manufactured in China. It belongs to the standard machine, also known as 221 dispensing machine. After being used in some relatively simple industries, such as WiFi box coating, letter mosa.

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The performance of toy dispensing machine is directly related to the industry. It is a dispensing machine mainly developed according to the spray type on the toy surface and toy dispensing. The Chinese-made production machines are basically customized acc.

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Two-component dispensing machine is a very common dispensing equipment on the market, mainly using dual-component and mixed glue machine, can achieve dispensing accuracy is not high, demand by dispensing needle control dispensing accuracy, so can not ...

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PVC glue has good working advantages in sealing, heat resistance, adhesive performance and so on. PVC visual dispensing machine will be used to dispensing production in the dispensing links of mobile phone wiring. Precision. Visual positioning and dispens.

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Multi-axis precision dispensing machine can be equipped with multi-handle dispensing valves. This multi-axis dispensing machine can greatly improve dispensing efficiency and production output in the process of dispensing and packaging products. It is suit.

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Crystal glue coating machine is basically made of gantry structure, also known as gantry crystal glue coating machine, the use of the industry is relatively large, the need for more glue, just like the crystal album dripping glue and glass glue, are relat.