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Mobile phone is from known things, the number of mobile phone production per year has reached billions of units, mobile phone shell needs a large number of mobile phone shell production has also become a hot industry at present, but the production process.

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Desktop type precision automatic dispensing machine is a genus of two dispensing equipment in the market, the most top technology crafted, able to control the amount of glue glue, can also control the second unit of time can be better glue, use glue and g.

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The visual automatic dispensing machine is a kind of visual dispensing machine, but this dispenser is also a small dispensing machine, which is different from other visual dispensers, with less floor space. Of course, there is no large visual automati...

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The function of Longmen large-scale automatic dispensing machine is complete, can be used in the industry more, and collocation vision automatic dispensing system, for dispensing in more industries, is a more powerful dispensing equipment, in fact, from t.

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At present the production of various industries in China is moving towards the development of automated production line, automatic production line of high quality is an important index of production manufacturers are pursuing, large-scale vision dispensin.

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Large Longmen type automatic dispensing machine is now the most popular dispensing equipment, can be used in the PCB board, LED lamp, mobile phone industry, especially in the PCB application has a great achievement in other industries is relatively mature.

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Is a large floor type dispensing equipment, with strong functions, mainly to the diversification of products production enterprises should, in many industries are using the floor type visual automatic dispensing machine, such as mobile phon...

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Now it is no longer three axis automatic dispensing machine of the world, different types of automatic dispensing machine haveemerged, large multi axis automatic dispensing machine is one of them, also has a great progress in dispensing tec...

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In the field of industrial production, to achieve automatic dispensing machine vision positioning is undoubtedly the dispensing equipment of the needs of users, through the visual positioning of the gluing effect is more uniform and complet...

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Large double liquid automatic dispensing machine is a popular device, because it can dispense tasks in the LED industry and the mobile phone industry, these are now the Chaoyang industry, dispensing or need more, so this can be regarded as...